Please choose to listen to the radio which one you like. If there are several radios that do not work is because the link is dead or maybe the protection of the radio server. Skynet future will also release its own streaming radio aja .... hahaha so wait for Skynet Jogja loyal fans ...

>> Download and Install the plug in the following if your browser has been unable to display the Radio below:

>> Having tested on several computers, so I suggest you to download and install the plugin on top so that when you open this page does not happen all the radio ON jostled each other simultaneously. Only the plugins above really suitable for the radios below.

Do not forget to restart your browser if the plug in on top of already installed.

Hope it helps ...

Have a nice day!

  • MaSt RaDio 

  • 106.2 Hum FM 

  • Radio TeenTaal 

  • Frequence INDIA Radio Nimbooda 

  • Craze FM 

  • Radio Afsana 

  • Radio Hamara Sangeet 

  • Radio NRI 

  • Radio NRI 24/7