Payout Google Adsense with Western Union

This time I will tell my friends experience that has been successfullywithdraw money from google adsense through western union. As is well known that Western Union is one of the google adsense payment options. Disbursement of funds through Western Union alone can we do at the post office, we are not really so easy? With a minimum payout of $ 100.

Here's the full story, hopefully you can become a reference for all who are currently looking for ways towithdraw funds that have been collected from google adsense.

Bang Mukti Experience:
My income from Google Adsense achieve a minimum target of PO (read Payout) in late July, when nearly entered the beginning of Ramadan. So be disbursed end of August. Before the feast of the exact date is 24 August actually be disbursed. I look at the member's area has seen adsense payment details can be disbursed. But because of slow earnings then a new check be cashed yesterday on Monday, September 5. Not bad. Enough to buy credits and soap. He he he. If to buy the laptop is still not enough. Yes I am grateful for this gift of God only once. Hopefully God will deign to increase by an amount many times over. Amien. I am setting Earning Google AdSense payment through Western Union. So once I know the earnings have reached the minimum target ($ 100), then the member's area, right in the report, payment / payment history, existing google payment details can be disbursed.

The way I Melt Earning Google AdSense via Western is as follows:

  1. I click the report payment / payment history.
  2. At the bottom of any detail at all income. Then I click Details to see complete data disbursement of Google Adsense.
  3. Then I print / print details of payment details. The data that I print are:
Type of payment is Western Union Quick Cash
Payment Date
MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) is a number that must be taken when diluted earnings adsense
Amount in Payment Currency, a minimum of $ 100
Precisely this is what I take to melt the Google Adsense earnings are as follows:
  • Of payments
  • Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) payments
  • The official identification (passport, driving license, ID card, etc..)
  • Sender information:
    Google Inc.
    1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
    Mountain View CA 94043
Then I take the data from the above to the Bank BRI. Apparently the BRI bank told me to take the money Western Union Quick Cash to the Office of the POS. BRI does not mean accepting or serving disbursement of remittances Western Union Quick Cash from outside. How to be an agent Western Union Quick Cash yes. Weird. As per advice by the bank BRI, I went straight to the post office. At the post office was queued. I had to wait about 15 minutes to melt the google posts.

"Sir, I want to withdraw money transfers through Western Union. Can not?" I am a passionate asked.

"Can Sir, please go to this operator," said Mr. Post said, pointing to a woman at his side. He is a computer operator.

I submit the data from the Western Union Quick Cash Googe with the original ID card. I forgot to photograph the copy of my ID card.
"Sir, please first copy of ID card you photographed," says the woman.

"Okay sis", I immediately rushed to photograph the copy of my ID card. Means must carry ID cards and photographed the original copy. Then I submit a photo copy KTP. Then do the process of melting through the computer. Not long wait, at least one minute, the money is liquid. Yes so easy to dilute earnings or earning Google Adsense via Western Union through the Post Office.

So Thaw Earning Google AdSense via Western Union agents very easily. All I know, specialized in Banjarmasin, Western Union agents are all banks in South Kalimantan as Bank Mandiri, Bank BCA, Bank BRI and POS office. Special BRI, I did not get to ask why not serve the disbursement of shipment Western Union. So let me not bother just to the POS.

Hopefully this information is useful and can give the spirit to get earns money through Google Adsense.

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