New Antivirus Update!! SMADAV 8.7.2 - 1 Oktober 2011

SmadAV made ​​with the aim to clean and protect your computer from viruses spread locally that many in Indonesia. If you often surf or often install new programs, you are still strongly recommended to merge with Antivirus SmadAV Import (for example, that free is Avira, AVG, or Avast, and the pay is Kasperksy, Norton, or NOD32).

SmadAV can work with almost all antivirus imports so that your computer is completely protected from viral infection both local and foreign virus (global). Currently SmadAV 2011 already identified most of the local virus widespread in Indonesia. These are the reasons why using SmadAV:
  • SmaRTP Technology, SMART-Protection
  • Technology Smad-Behavior
  • Smad-Lock Technology
  • Smart Scanner (Intelligence)
  • Cleaner Infected Document
  • Cleaning & repair (1500 value) Registry
  • The latest update at each revision
  • Weapons Manual is very easy to use
  • Free
  • Portable and support OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7


Download the latest 8.7.2 update SmadAV October 1, 2011. This is a revision of the old version that is smadav 8.7.1. What's new with version 8.7.2 of this antivirus? Please check later downloaded to your computer you always be safe from viruses and malware problems.

Here are some additional new features of 8.7.2 SmadAV:

Smadav 2011 Rev. 8.7.2: Addition of a new virus database 100, a new detection technique (FFD): the total for the prevention of virus from USB stick, english feature can now be used in SmadAV Free, Changes in the structure of settings, etc..

Engine Version : 117
Main Database : 1320
Virus Variants   : 3717
Total signature  : 5037

several new display of SmadAV 8.7.2

If you want to download please click the link below





What are the advantages of SmadAV Pro compared with SmadAV  Free?
SmadAV Pro has many additional features that do not exist in SmadAV Free, the following are additional features that you would get on SmadAV Pro:

  1. Automatic Online Update
  2. Scanning 10x Faster
  3. Exception List
  4. Maximize/Resize
  5. Change Color Theme
  6. Indonesian / English
  7. Admin Password
  8. Permit Use of Profit.

How can I make  SmadAV Free to be SmadAV Pro?
You must be a donor to get SmadAV Pro .. hehe. What if you do not have money or do not even want to spend money as a donor? Please click here I'll give you the solution. I guarantee you'll get a FREE for PRO SmadAV facilities, safe even from the blacklist.

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